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are you kidding me

3 years at wordpress. yikes. and I just write/reblog less and less posts each year… at this rate, my anniversary posts will be the only posts!

i know i said earlier this year that i would start journaling here… and i didn’t.

just like last year i said i would post more music and stuff, and i didn’t.

and the year before that when i said i would write more poems… and i didn’t.

well. you get the idea.

and yes, i know i’ve stopped capitalizing. but like… isn’t that the cool blogger thing to do nowadays?? i kid, i kid. i’m just too tired (i somehow always end up writing these in the wee hours of the morning).

WELL. bye again, i suppose. see you next year!

I’M KIDDING. i’m totally gonna write again… like, totally.


another year??

this is my SECOND anniversary with WordPress?? I’ve had this blog for 2 years. Weird. And the fact that I’ve hardly posted since my last anniversary makes it feel even weirder.

I mean, in my first anniversary post I thought I’d changed a lot in the 4 months since leaving TPS. And yet, with how much I’ve changed in the year that’s passed since then, I might as well have become a different person. I’ve learned unforgettable life lessons, gone to school for the first time, had some incredible teachers, got new friends, and most notably, I’ve made a hell of a lot of really huge mistakes. Of course, it’s mostly due to those mistakes that I’ve learned what I have, but that doesn’t lessen the pain and trauma.

So here’s to another year. And to screwing up my life a little less.

One Year with WordPress! :D

So. Apparently I missed my one year anniversary of having WordPress by a couple of days. Whoops. ;P I feel like I should say something profound about my Creative Writing class or TPS in general; or maybe give an overwhelming account of how astonishing my life has been since I left TPS. But I just had a Venti Iced Vanilla Latte, and my brain is working too fast to be very coherent… besides, I’m not much good at being profound. Oh well.

*runs out giggling and skipping on a caffeine high*