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CW2- My Hope is in You

A funny thing happened while i wrote the following acrostic poem. i was working on the last few lines of it, sitting on a bench, at 7:00 at night, behind our church building, in the cold and the wind, waiting for my parents’ class to be done. In my ingenuousness, i had not even thought about bringing my jacket. Believe me, it was cold (don’t worry, i eventually moved inside. not that you actually worried). Trying to block myself from the wind, i hunched down over my legs for  a minute. from that position, i saw something shiny on the ground. i picked up what turned out to be a pendant, or charm. i turned it around and read the single word etched on it: “Trust”. i stared at it, then glanced from the pendant to my poem, and back again. i grinned.  Whoa.

Every hope I give to You, O Lord;

Expectations, both big and small, may You mold to Your will.

Let no earthly disappointment cloud my trust in You;

Love from You remedies my confidence after heartbreaks.

In my darkest hour You know the desires of my heart;

If I cry out in distress, I know that you will restore my faith in time.

Zephyrs whirl around me as I trust in Your plans for me.

Zenith above me, ground below me; I believe this is so, just as I believe Your love will always surround me.

All you who are lost put your hope in the Lord, and He will give you peace;

As the disbelief closes in, call out and He will answer.

But do not wait until hope is discouraged!

Beg for His closeness even when life is pleasant, so that your faith is strong at all times.

Even when I despair, O Lord, You will never leave me.

Eagles soar high, never distrusting the wind beneath their wings;

That is how trusting I should be-

To never doubt that Your faithfulness will sustain me.

Here on earth are many trials to crush my faith;

Help me to remember that You are the source of my true hope.


Coming from You alone, O Lord, are my aspirations.

Courage is what I have when I place my trust wholly in You.

All other desires pale in comparison to You!

A song of hope I lift up to the God of heaven.

My heart longs to believe in the Lord;

May I always put my faith in God Almighty.

Please show me Your faithfulness, O God!

Put my disbelief to the side;

Bring me hope in the night.

Blessed are they who rely on Your promises;

Each of them will be fulfilled.

Every day I surrender my heart to You;

Like a close friend You give me reassurance when I need it.

Longing pierces my heart

Like a sharp knife, but You quiet the nervous anticipation in my soul.

Life, strength, and hope are in You, Lord.