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another year??

this is my SECOND anniversary with WordPress?? I’ve had this blog for 2 years. Weird. And the fact that I’ve hardly posted since my last anniversary makes it feel even weirder.

I mean, in my first anniversary post I thought I’d changed a lot in the 4 months since leaving TPS. And yet, with how much I’ve changed in the year that’s passed since then, I might as well have become a different person. I’ve learned unforgettable life lessons, gone to school for the first time, had some incredible teachers, got new friends, and most notably, I’ve made a hell of a lot of really huge mistakes. Of course, it’s mostly due to those mistakes that I’ve learned what I have, but that doesn’t lessen the pain and trauma.

So here’s to another year. And to screwing up my life a little less.


Every dog has its day… even me

GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. My English teacher acknowledged me as the class expert on Tolkien. My existence is now justified.

Background: A lot of you I’ve already told, but for my friends who don’t know, I’ve been attending a private Christian high school for my senior year. I really (like, really really reallyyy) love it, and I think my teachers are pretty awesome, especially my English teacher. Anyway, in Modern Lit we’re reading The Fellowship of the Ring, and this discussion ensued during class on Monday:

*discussion about the role of humans in LotR*

Girl: Isn’t the wizard Gandalf a man?

Me and a guy: Uh, he’s a wizard!

Mrs. Gorham (teacher): Well, he is a wizard, but I think he’s basically human…

Me: nonononono. NO.

Mrs. Gorham: *laughing* There’s always a Tolkien expert… would you care to enlighten us about the nature of wizards?

Me: *grinning like there’s no tomorrow* *sits up* *clears throat*

Mrs. Gorham: Hush everyone! The expert has the floor *gestures to me dramatically*

Me: *briefly explains how Ilúvatar sent the Istari to Middle-earth*

Mrs. Gorham: Okay, and you got this from the Silmarillion, right?

Me: *nods*

Mrs. Gorham: *tell the rest of the class what the Silmarillion is* …but I’ve never read it, and I only know a couple of people who have.

Me: *literal fistpump*

Guy sitting next to me: *grinning* You’re such a dork.

Me: I know.

And then throughout the rest of the class as she read parts of the book, she would ask me for pronunciation or to explain something… I’ve been waiting for my moment of recognition, and that was it.

As a side note… you have no idea how many times I’ve almost called her Ms. Gaines. They both start with a G, and they’re both awesome English teachers from awesome Christian schools. IT’S SO CONFUSING.

One Year with WordPress! :D

So. Apparently I missed my one year anniversary of having WordPress by a couple of days. Whoops. ;P I feel like I should say something profound about my Creative Writing class or TPS in general; or maybe give an overwhelming account of how astonishing my life has been since I left TPS. But I just had a Venti Iced Vanilla Latte, and my brain is working too fast to be very coherent… besides, I’m not much good at being profound. Oh well.

*runs out giggling and skipping on a caffeine high*