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A Poem of Great Significance

I hath made a promise in times gone past

that I would make this blog to last,

that I would post as oft I could;

so I’m now doing as I  should.

I will not let my blog decay,

and idly watch it pass away

as I grow old and turn to dust

and my laptop hath begun to rust.

I’ll post poems and stories, both new and old,

but I must warn that it’s no written gold.

Perhaps sometimes I’ll share with you

a personal adventure too;

from detours in Yosemite,

to scary kids that make me flee;

from mission trips in Mexico,

to incidents in my favorite show–

yes, I’m sorry, but if I write,

the Doctor will often be in site!

It’s also likely that in my posts

mentions of Tolkien will come in hosts,

as well as many other things I adore,

for in this way I can always say more.

I’ve said my bit, so I’ll now cease

that you may enjoy your day in peace.