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That SoCal Life

One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is that you can be out getting coffee or whatever with your friends in the middle of January, and suddenly be like: “you know what, let’s go to the beach.”


best thing about having a smartphone: being able to inconspicuously take candids of my beautiful friends


i can’t remember his name, but apparently this guy is a regular on the pier.


waves crashing on the jetty


does this even need a caption


the pier from a distance, all lit up.


view of the shore from the far end of a jetty


i <3 these people (even if the shot is a little awkward)

The eight of us made the drive from Fallbrook to Oceanside, got milkshakes at the Ruby’s Diner on the pier, then walked down the beach to a jetty, from where we watched the sunset. Eventually we drove back to a friend’s house and watched Star Wars. It was actually a somewhat magical day, and a reminder that the simple, unexciting, unplanned things in life are often the fondest memories.