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Sandbox 12: Round Robin Story

collaboration time! this round robin was contributed to by the Section 2 CWers, and I think we all had a fun time with it. my sentences were pretty bland, but all together we made a really awesome, mysterious story.

and we were quite happy when Ms. Gaines declared that we’d won the informal competition. sorry, Section 1. XD

Amy shuddered when she looked at the clock. She knew she was late. But still her mind shrunk from the thought of facing what was before her. Every fiber of her being revolted with each sickening tick of the great, gaudy grandfather clock. She knew she could not escape the coming crisis, but perhaps she could procrastinate a little longer.

“Amy?” Will’s familiar voice called out, echoing down the empty hallway of the old mansion, “Amy, where are you?”

Amy winced, groaning inwardly. She didn’t answer. Opening the window she threw a backpack filled with her belongings onto the lawn below, then carefully climbed down the lattice on the side of the house. Once she reached the ground, she slung the backpack over her shoulders and ran.

She skirted the lawn, keeping as close to the trees as she could. By now, she thought, Will would be opening the door to her room, looking around. Now he would be realizing she was missing and now–blaring sirens echoed across the grounds.

Amy refused to acknowledge the shrieking in her ears, not daring to even shift her eyes, but instead crept between the azaleas and the shadows. She raced for the mansion’s front gate, looking behind her wildly for any pursuers. Then, right before her shaking fingers lifted the latch, she saw him. 

Biting down hard on her lip to stop a surprised scream, the girl was silent as she listened to the sound of her heart pounding in her chest. Fighting back panic, Amy considered her options. Surely it was too much of a risk to run past him? 

But he had already seen her. “Where do you think you’re going, miss?” Johnston asked. The lardy-cheeked butler stepped forward and pointed in the direction of the mansion. “Master Will is not going to be pleased.”

Amy sighed, realizing she had been caught. Trying to keep her cool, she said slowly, “I had some things I wanted to think about before he came to talk to me.”

Johnston shook his head, saying, “You aren’t supposed to be wandering the grounds Miss Amy.” 

Amy sighed once more. “I got something for you from the kitchen and if you let me go, I’ll give it to you.” Johnston’s eyes sparkled as she took a bottle of Dalmore Malt Scotch from her backpack. 

“My, my! Miss Amy you have out done yourself. In that case,” he looked down and felt the bottle lovingly. “I didn’t see you just now.” 

Amy sighed again, this time with relief. If the gift of scotch really would keep the butler’s mouth shut, then perhaps she could escape the painful fate she knew awaited her at the mansion. That is, if no one else found her.  The girl, though breathless, started running again. There she found the bike which she had paid Alex to plant there. She quickly jumped on and began biking in the direction of the city at full pace. 

And with that she peddled rapidly onward, her feet propelling her forward into the new life which awaited her. The endless possibilities of freedom lightened her soul as the fresh air of the morn scented with the bloom of the spring roses filled her lungs. Yes–it would be a good life indeed!