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SB6- Mad Libs: When I Run


this unusual Sandbox is an original version of the game that taught me grammar as a kid– Mad Libs!  

here’s how to play: fill each blank with the type of word it calls for, then fill in the blanks in the paragraph with the corresponding words you chose. then, if you want, read the original paragraph, taken from  Journal 9, When I Runhave fun!

1.  ______ (noun)

2. ______ (noun)

3. _______ (verb, past tense)

4. _______ (noun)

5. ________ (term of endearment)

6. _______ (noun)

7. _______ (same noun)

8. __________ (verb ending in ‘ing’)

9. _________ (emotion)

10. _________ (adjective ending in ‘ly’)


  I braced my ____, adrenaline pumping through my veins. With ____________ giving me an edge, my body tensed as I __________ a yelp of excitement. My eyes trained on the _________ and the goal at the other end; I shot my glance back to my _______. Her ____ and her ____ alone would send me ___________ down the beaten path at top-speed. Sensing my _________, my Beloved spoke calming words lest I take off ___________ and spoil the whole effect.