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CW6- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

wow, this was a hard assignment! Fun, but hard. i dedicate this one to my little sister; coming up with the initial idea is always the worst part for me, so i asked her to help me brainstorm. She hardly batted an eye before exclaiming, “Pirates of the Caribbean!” i knew at once that it was a keeper.


CW6- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

Elizabeth Swann, a governor’s daughter, had a few secrets to hide

She stole a pirate’s medallion, about which she hastily lied

Then came the day when she found that it was no idle trinket

Turned out it would summon undead pirates if you would sink it

When Liz was abducted by Barbossa the captain,

Her lover, Will Turner, set out to find her again

He enlisted the assistance of Captain Jack Sparrow,

A pirate who’d been through many a scrape that was narrow

Captain Jack had a bullet that he had saved for ten years

It was meant for Barbossa, leader of Jack’s mutineers.

At Isla de Muerta, Barbossa was trying

To break his crew’s curse that kept them from dying

Thinking that Liz was the person they needed

They took a knife and her palm was bleeded

Her blood and her coin were dropped into the chest

Of Aztec gold coins; these medallions were the rest

Belonging to an ancient cursed set

If any man took one, for all days he would fret

He was destined to neither eat, love, nor die

To return it with blood was the only way to comply.

When that trick didn’t work, Barbossa was mad

But Will rescued his Liz before things got real bad

Barbossa’s persistence at first paid off when

He sunk their ship and captured them again

Jack, William, and Lizzy were in big trouble now

Will bartered for Liz to go free but forgot to say how

And so Jack and Elizabeth were unhappily set aside

On an island where they very well could have died

But Elizabeth cleverly burned all the rum

To signal a ship (Jack thought she was dumb).

Back at Isla de Muerta, Will’s life was at stake

An agreement to save him Liz had to make

She would marry the man her father approved of

Anything to save the life of her true love

Will’s life is saved while Jack spars with Barbossa

Both are now cursed so it gets grossa and grossa

Using his drop of blood and the coin that Jack throws,

Will breaks the curse; to the challenge he rose

With the curse broken, Barbossa is mortal as of old

Jack pulls the trigger and his foe feels the cold.

Back on dry land, one more problem awaits

After all, Jack is a pirate and the law clearly states

That pirates must be hung, however charming

But Willy and Lizzy find this alarming

So they create a diversion and save his life

But even then still, there’s a bit more strife

Liz must show her father she always should be

With the man that she loves; and he does agree

While the two share an—ich!—mushy minute,

Jack’s ship comes on by and soon he is in it.

At the helm of The Black Pearl, Jack sets out to sea

All the while singing, “A pirate’s life for me.”