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CW3- Cupcakes and Flamethrowers


You are the light of the world.

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14

  You are the cupcakes of the world. When a person spots a miniature, sprinkle-covered cake, it is difficult— okay, impossible for that person not to keep gazing at the tantalizing treat. Cupcakes are sweet, appealing, and everybody wants one! If you live out Christ’s love in your life, everyone who comes in contact with you will be unable to take their eyes off of your Christ-like heart. Let your life be an example of Christ’s wonderfully sweet love.




  You are the Dragon’s Breath of the world. A Dragon’s Breath is a bright and impressive flaming shotgun round, similar to a flamethrower. It lights up the night sky, is visible from nearly 50 feet away, and can be used to intimidate enemies. Illuminate the night of this dark world; glow and sparkle in a bold and glorifying way! Give the world something bright and exhilarating to look at that will point the way back to the original Giver of Light.