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J12- What Christmas Feels Like


i think i almost lulled myself to sleep while writing this assignment about Christmas. *sleepy yawn* *sleepy smile*  ;]

The bejeweled tree glistens comfortingly nearby as I curl up on the couch under a fuzzy blanket. I can smell the aroma of pine and the lingering scent of cinnamon from cookies baked earlier that day. A kindly-faced porcelain angel graces the top of the tree, reminding me of a similar dark and starry night more than two millennia ago—a night that changed the history of the world.

All the lights in the house are off, except for the tiny colored ones on the tree; my sisters and mom are in bed; my dad is on his way home. My loyal German Shepherd Dog slumbers beside me, his steady breathing lulling me to sleep. As I nod off, I know that this is what I love about Christmas. Actually this is what I love about life; the small moments where I can take a breath, smile, close my eyes, and thank God for the blessings He’s given me. This is what Christmas feels like.


J2- The Greatest Treasure

Psalm 119:162 is truly a gem: “I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.”  God’s Word is a treasure? How wonderful is that! This means that we are to seek Him and His word, the way a treasure-hunter doggedly goes on whatever path necessary in order to achieve the prize. However, His word is not just any treasure- it is the greatest treasure. What other prize tells the history of the Children of God? Where else can you find jewels that promise forgiveness for even the worst of sins?  What glowing gem can show the way to everlasting life? This is what makes the Holy Bible so unique; the life-giving message within cannot be found in any earthly prize, nor can it be found in any man-made religion. It tells the story of grace, and how we as humans can do nothing to obtain that grace; it is a free and eternal gift, straight from the hand of God.  Now, that sounds like treasure worth rejoicing over.