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Your Love Never Fails


Your love never fails

it never gives up

never runs out on me



J4- A Bag Packed in Faith

  Heritage Ministries International (we just call it HMI) has played a huge part in my life for the last several years, even though it only takes place for one month out of the year. i’ve wept, laughed, worshiped, prayed, grown (spiritually and physically), and gone on adventures with these people. i luv y’all.

Every year, my family and several of my friends’ families host Japanese high school students for the month of August. It’s always the highlight of my year! My friends and I have made so many memories and new friendships through this program.

This particular year, 2011, I had been told that I could join the group going to the airport to pick the students up. Oh, joy! That meant spending the night at a friend’s house after church and waking up at 5:30 A.M. on Monday morning for the two hour trip to Los Angeles International Airport; it meant greeting the students as they entered the airport; it meant spending the day talking with and getting to know the students. Well, in the midst of my excitement, I got a phone call saying that there was no seat for me after all.

Bummer. But I was more than sad. Something inside me would not rest; something tugged and pulled at me saying that I was supposed to go to the airport. The incessant feeling grieved me, and I poured my heart out to God. As I prayed, I felt a great calm and peace come over me. Then, something popped into my head and concreted itself there. I found myself unable to erase the thought, “Pack your bag anyway. I will make a way for you to go.” In that moment, I put my trust wholly in Him; supreme joy filled my heart as I realized that I would go, because, by golly, God Himself had said that I would!

On Saturday, I ecstatically packed my bag to spend the following night at my friend’s house and then put it in the car. On the way to church the next morning, I began to ponder who I could talk to about finding a ride. And then it hit me: I wasn’t supposed to do anything to find a way. That was God’s job; that was the whole point! Well, at that moment, I started to feel a little insecure, but I figured that if I had trusted Him this far, I sure better go all the way. Later on, during social time after church, I got a little nervous and felt the urge to ‘negotiate’ with someone for seat. But I held strong, and I trusted that God would yet show the way without my help.

Suddenly, my friend Linnea walked up to me and—having no idea of my predicament – she began to explain, “I’ve decided I won’t carpool since both of my sisters want to go. I’ll just take my own car. We’ll have several extra seats that way.”

I stared at her dumbly before screaming and excitedly telling her that she had just unknowingly answered my prayer. When she heard my story, she almost started to cry.

The following day turned out to be a huge blessing. I started friendships on that day that I still cherish. Most importantly, however, this experience impressed upon my heart and mind the fact that God’s faithfulness will always exceed my own.