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Eye of the Tiger: Jackles edition

I feel like Jensen Ackles rocking out to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ on the Supernatural set is a perfect way to kickoff my return to the blogosphere. Enjoy.


(i think this is worth watching even if you’re not a SPN fan, just because his facial expressions are hilarious)


J10- True Epicness

tell what famous person i want to meet? are you kidding me? i really don’t care about celebs. this is hard. *pause* wait, no… this is easy!

As a former inhabitant of Los Angeles, California, I occasionally encounter stereotypes regarding my region. I’ve been asked if I used to see celebrities in casual settings, or if I liked to hang out in Hollywood. I think someone once even asked me if I used to live next door to movie stars. The answer to all of them is a resounding, “NO.” In fact, I’m pretty sure that I’ve never in my life met a major entertainment star; nor do I really have a desire to.

However, despite my lack of interest in modern, glamorous celebs, there is one person whom I would love to meet, though I never will in this life. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, known as J.R.R. Tolkien, died in 1973, but his legacy lives on through his literary masterpieces such as The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, many collections of poems, and (his magnum opus) The Lord of the Rings trilogy. These works embody the very meaning of the word “epic”.

Oh, the questions I would ask him! I would have to know about his inspirations, his methods of writing, and his faith. In addition, I’d also tell him how much his works mean to me; every time that I read and reread (and re-reread) them, they spark and enliven my imagination and give me new motivation for my own writing. The epic stories of Middle Earth send me to a world where I can lose myself– and in a sense, find myself again.