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That SoCal Life

One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is that you can be out getting coffee or whatever with your friends in the middle of January, and suddenly be like: “you know what, let’s go to the beach.”


best thing about having a smartphone: being able to inconspicuously take candids of my beautiful friends


i can’t remember his name, but apparently this guy is a regular on the pier.


waves crashing on the jetty


does this even need a caption


the pier from a distance, all lit up.


view of the shore from the far end of a jetty


i <3 these people (even if the shot is a little awkward)

The eight of us made the drive from Fallbrook to Oceanside, got milkshakes at the Ruby’s Diner on the pier, then walked down the beach to a jetty, from where we watched the sunset. Eventually we drove back to a friend’s house and watched Star Wars. It was actually a somewhat magical day, and a reminder that the simple, unexciting, unplanned things in life are often the fondest memories.


midnight terror

i’ve seen many thunderstorms from a distance, but before last night i hadn’t realized that i have never been IN THE MIDDLE of one. it was 3:00 a.m and i was awoken by a BLINDING flash of light in my window, FEROCIOUS rain, and thunder that felt like an EARTHQUAKE and sounded like a GUNSHOT and  it didn’t help that i slept with my sliding-glass door open. i was TERRIFIED, my heart was POUNDING, and i really didn’t want to be alone, which shows just how shaken i was b/c i’m an introvert and generally like having experiences to myself;  AND i was on the verge of tears b/c in addition to shaken nerves, i was freaking out about whether my horse was okay, but i knew it wasn’t safe to check on him. (he turned out to be just fine btw)

i ran around the house making sure all the windows were closed, and once i’d calmed down a bit i sat on floor next to our German Shepherds and watched the storm for awhile. the lightning was so close, that with every flash our many-windowed living room would light up. based on the space between the flashes and the crack of thunder, the actual lightning would’ve been striking as much as a 1/4 mile away or less. pretty freaky.

anyways, i ended up not only surviving, but falling back asleep despite the continuous roaring. the next morning, the rain was coming down in torrents, but the storm was mostly gone aside from an occasional faint rumble. i was then able to properly enjoy the inclement whether with breakfast, a cup of vanilla coffee, and a pleasant lack of heart palpitations and terror.

also, i vaguely recall that when the thunder first woke me, before i was fully aware and panicking, i turned over and mumbled pathetically into my pillow, “i just wanna sleep, can’t you let me sleep.”

in conclusion, i’ve decided that i prefer observing extreme weather, rather than being up close and personal with it.