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NP1- Novel Analysis

so, this is my story analysis for the ten chapter novella i will be writing. TITLE suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated, seeing as the one i have now is painfully clichè. :P but really, suggestions on anything would be so very welcome. and thankfully, this analysis is a “working document that can be changed as needed.”

and my thoughts on the project thus far? GOOD GOSH, i hope i don’t die. i’m not even asking that i do well, i’m just asking that i SURVIVE. >_<

Title: The Legacy (title subject to change)

Author: Beth Campbell

Genre: Historical Fiction

Audience: Any literate person, particularly young adults.


Robert Valenti: Handsome, outgoing, brave, and purpose driven, Robert Valenti is a 27-year-old from California who joins the U.S. Army during World War II. He has a wife, Julie, and a young son, Karl. He has green eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a confident smile. Since he is an officer in the Army for most of the story, his attire consists of whichever uniform the occasion dictates. With his wife and son he is loving and kind. On the battlefield, he is quick, precise, and capable of making vital decisions.

Karl Valenti: The son of Robert Valenti, Karl is very young when his father dies, but the legacy left by Robert gives Karl a purpose that inspires him for the rest of his life. He becomes successful as a general in the U.S. Army, but, like his father, he is really a gentle soul. Not prone to complaining, he has great fortitude and takes everything in stride. He has blue eyes and brown hair.

Dwayne Carson: Karl’s best friend during childhood and adolescence, Dwayne’s life was affected not only by Karl’s friendship, but also by Robert Valenti’s heroism. He too joined the Army, although he retired from it after only a few years. He went on to become a math teacher, father, and grandfather. As a young man, he is athletic and is an especially fast runner. In the modern day scenes, he has grey hair, although it was light brown when he was younger. However, he always has his twinkling blue eyes and contagious laugh.

Zoe Carson: A 16-year-old California girl, Zoe is Dwayne’s granddaughter. Although rambunctious, energetic, and outgoing, she struggles with finding direction for her life. She has black hair, brown eyes, and is short in stature. Like her grandfather, she is athletic and loves to run.

Point of View

The POV will switch from 1st person, past tense to 3rd person, omniscient, past tense.


California. The Philippines. Although some events will take place in the modern day, the main focus of the story will be during WWII.

Plot Outline

This inspirational story starts out from the first person perspective of a modern day, California teenage girl. She is spending time with her grandfather when he gets a call that leads him to believe that his childhood friend, Karl Valenti, is trying to get back in contact with him. As they try to investigate the situation, the grandfather is excited by the memories that are flooding him, and he tells the incredible story of Karl’ father. At this point, it switches to third person perspective, and flashes back to the 1940’s. Robert Valenti is a young man with a wife and young son, when he joins the U.S. Army as an officer during WWII. When in the Philippine Islands, he courageously sacrifices his own life to save the lives of his men. His heroism becomes a constant source of inspiration in the life of his son Karl, who follows in his father’s footsteps and goes on to become a General in the U.S. Army.


[Under construction]


With hard work, determination, and purpose, you can accomplish your dreams and aspirations.

Literary Devices





I am particularly excited to begin writing this novel due to the fact that it is inspired by a true story (although the majority of the content will be fictional). I anticipate having to do a lot of research on the time period for this project.