J14- The Journal About Journaling

as you can see, this Journal is about my thoughts on journaling. so it’s like Inception… in journal form.


Ever since I was very young (maybe around five or six years old), I’ve always tried to keep a journal. The key word there being “tried.” Whether I’ve succeeded is another matter. I remember one time early on in my journal-keeping where I went an entire year without writing a single entry. Recently though, particularly in the last year, I’ve greatly improved at writing down my daily thoughts and events more, well, daily.

I’ve found two main benefits to writing in a journal. The first is that it provides a way to safely vent emotions and to “get it out.” Of course, the reality is that it’s not entirely safe; because by writing it down you are taking the chance that someone will read it. I know from experience that the results of that happening can be a bit traumatizing. However, I think it’s worth it in the long run. That and I’ve learned to hide my journal better. Oh, and I plan to burn every page before I die.

The second benefit is simply being able to look back and read your writing at a later date. I think it’s good to be reminded once in a while of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Reading about your past from your own perspective is a great way to do that.

As to whether I’ll keep my blog after this class is over, I have a prediction. I think that at first I’ll be really excited to maintain it, and I might do so for a little while. But then I’ll start procrastinating as I get caught up in Summer activities, and eventually I’ll probably forget about it. Then, after a while, I might come back to it and start up again—but I might not. In short, I hope to keep writing in my blog—but I’m making no promises!


About Elizabeth Campbell

Californian, feminist, ex-homeschooler/TPSer, current college student, wannabe writer, Christian. Made this blog 3 years ago for a high school creative writing class, but don't really use it anymore. Feel free to follow though, you never know if I might start up again (and I do reblog some stuff too, so there's that). View all posts by Elizabeth Campbell

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