J9- When I Run

this week the assignments mostly focus on perspective and description. i chose a common event in my life to take a fresh perspective on: playing fetch with my German Shepherd, Titus. i cannot even begin to explain how much this dog loves to run. he doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him, only pure muscle. as large and powerful as he is, he’s still a sweet-heart and will always be my baby. 

I braced my feet, adrenaline pumping through my veins. With anticipation giving me an edge, my body tensed as I restrained a yelp of excitement. My eyes trained on the racetrack and the goal at the other end; I shot my glance back to my Beloved. Her word and her word alone would send me careening down the beaten path at top-speed. Sensing my agitation, my Beloved spoke calming words lest I take off prematurely and spoil the whole effect.

“Titus,” she said softly but firmly, “wait.”

Letting my body relax ever so slightly, I let out an anxious sigh. Why did I tremble with such anticipation? Because speed is one of the things for which I live. To run is to be free, and to run is what I was made for. My mind is wired for the adrenaline, and my body is built for efficiency. I am shockingly thin and bony, yet incredibly muscular and powerful. If I had the distinct intention to do so, I could knock the very life out of a full-grown man. But I say that running is only one of my main driving forces because I treasure something else even more: the approval of my Beloved. Hence the reason that I awaited her command rather than acting on my own druthers. As I gazed into her eyes with feverish excitement, begging her to set me free, she raised her arm and pointed in the direction of my goal. The she uttered the words for which I longed:

“Titus, fetch!”

Oh what an indescribable moment! That moment when mind and body are set loose.   The ground flies beneath my feet as if it does not exist; the wind rushes past my speeding body like a tornado; and I—I feel nothing but the desire to run.

Titus, doing his thing

All this passes in a few seconds. As I reach my goal, I snatch it up in my mouth and give it a squeeze to ensure that the squeak is satisfactory. Returning to her-whom-I-adore, I relinquish the ball to her hand and delight in her words of acclamation. With a strong arm, my Beloved heaves the ball back down the yard, commands me to sit, and the whole thrilling process starts over again.

“Gentlemen, I believe God made me for a purpose; He also made me fast, and when I run I feel his pleasure.” — Eric Liddel


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